When a little child comes into this world he or she finds himself or herself in a family having mother, father, sisters and brothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts and so on, and so foth. The family system is the only one and for all life long. This is a fact that we cannot change. Even if a child is adopted by other people his family system stays the same in which he or she was born. That is why if we do not like single relatives all we can do is trying to see anything we could love them for. They will stay our relatives till the end of our lives. The family system defines all the fields of the human activity. Many misfortunes and failures are connected with the events happened long ago before the person's birth. Very often people have to repay the "debts" of their ancestors.

If there are some persons in your clan who you do not want to accept as your relatives and you even want to forget totally about their existence and pretend they have never been in your life (for example, thieves, alcoholics, drug addicts, killers, violators) you will not manage to do that. The family system will remind you necessarily about such forgotten relatives through other people or any unpleasant events. It does not matter how a person behaves himself, nevertheless he has his entitlement to his own place in his family.

The method of shifts allows to clarify the family and organizational interrelations and comprehand the laws any family or organization lives and develops according to. The main moving force in any family is love. If in any generation a block appears and love cannot flows free from the ancestors to the descendants that block has an influence on all the following family members as any disorders. It is a mistake to suppose that everything remained in the past. Unsolved problem is inherited. The more family interlacings you puzzle out the easier not only but also your children and grandchildren will live.

During a shift you will see the pictures of inner family relations because of those a lot of problems exist in your life: you do not have pleasant relations with you husband, wife, colleages, business partners, you have not found your place in this world, your relatives do not understand you, you have some illnesses, you experience regularly similar negative scenarioes, you do not have money enough, your business is broken and so on, and so foth. The shifts allows to interrupt the chain of unconscious repetitions impeding a person to choose his own style of life deliberately and to be happy.

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